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Baby Shark Teether

The inspiration 

Did you know that the “Baby Shark” song is one of the top songs played on YouTube? You could have probably guessed that! So here we go! All together “Baby Shark doo doo doo do...” Totally kidding! But before you get that song stuck in your head like it’s been stuck in mine on a daily, let me share with you the birth of our latest creation! 

Like my son Moses, babies all over the world just fell in love with Baby Shark song and it gets them so excited hearing it to this day. Watching how much excitement that tune brought to my son, I was inspired to create a baby shark teething toy to add to the fun! 

Without further ado ... Introducing our adorable BABY SHARK teether  https://chicbaby.boutique/collections/teething-accessories/products/copy-of-cactus-teether This teething toy is becoming one of most favorite teethers yet! Babies absolutely love chewing and playing with it!

Quality and Design

Teething doesn’t have to be boring! With uniquely designed shark shape, this teether allows the baby to chew it at different angles to soothe those sore gums and play at the same time! The great bubble texture on the front and back of the shark also helps to massage the teeth and help them come through faster. 

Just like all of our other products, we focused on the quality and safety when creating the Baby Shark Teether. It is made Non-Toxic, from 100% Food Grade Silicone and has been CPSIA tested and certified safe. There are no PVCs, no Phthalates, and it is BPA free. It is both dishwasher safe as well as freezer safe to provide great relief to sore gums!

This cute Baby Shark teether provides joy and comfort while your baby is teething. The teether looks so stylish in the soft colors it comes in. It can also be attached to one of our clips to keep it from falling on the floor or from getting lost.

Swim at last..... We hope your baby sharks love to take a bite of this brand new teether!