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Why CB Clips are a MUST for Moms

It's no secret that every mommy wants to simplify their lives while giving the most enriched upbringing to their little one. We seek ways to improve our day-to-day so that we can be more efficient, effective and essentially pretty awesome at being parents. Something as easy as having a pacifier clip gives you an absolute comfort knowing that your little one will benefit from it in couple great ways.


1.) Your baby will always have their favorite pacifier or soother with them at all times

There is no need to worry that your baby’s comfort item will be lost. We want to make sure we have the necessary items, that our baby frequently relies on, readily available to them. It brings significant ease to babies knowing that their needs would be met at moments notice without needing to panic that their favorite soother is not with them.

We also do not have to worry about the pacifier dropping on the dirty floor as we are out and about or as we multitask at home while having our baby on our hip. The pacifier will gently hang from the baby’s clothing (or yours) until they feel the need for it. 

 2.) Our clip is multifunctional! It can be used to attach a pacifier, small toy, little blanket or favorite teether!

As we know our little ones love to chew when they are teething. We seek things they can safely chew on. Having this clip will allow babies to safely engage and sooth their teething. You can rest assure that our high quality clip was designed to be non-toxic with food-grade silicone that is completely safe for babies. We have all of our clips tested and certified by the CPSIA Committee (Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act). 

 3.) Our trendy clips are fun and stylish

 Ok, this benefit is for us— mommies! :)

We love to make our little ones look chic! With many different combinations and designs, we can show-off our littles with style! We create clips in various colors to match all outfits. In addition, our clips make cute props for photos and baby announcements. 

Being able to be a mommy who seems to have her things together and is able to make her baby happy, is something we strive to be on a daily. With a stylish cute pacifier clip, we can have a peace of mind knowing we have our little one’s soother near and safe. At the end of the day, having your baby happy is all that matters.